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Reasons For Warning Mold Growth

Snowstorms during the past month in the upper Mississippi Valley have contributed to above median precipitation across Missouri and Illinois. Due to wetness during the past month and a relatively wet time of year, improvement is forecast for the upper Mississippi Valley. Prospects for improvement are highest across Wisconsin where drought levels are less intense

Beware of Mold When Buying a New Home

Are you planning to buy a home in the St. Louis Metro Area?  Beware of what ALL you’re buying! St. Louis is known for having wet springs, and hot, humid summers.  These are perfect breeding grounds for mold.  The growth of mold thrives on moisture and heat.  Did you know mold can grow rampantly in

Worried About Mold In Your Home?

How can I be certain if I have mold? The only way to be certain you have mold is air quality testing.  We will take a sample outside of your home, and in the suspected area, and compare the two. If the inside level of mold greatly outnumbers the outside levels, you are living with