Mold Removal in Home

St. Louis mold removal in your home doesn’t have to be such a headache. Bio Clean 911 truly cares about the health of your family and your property.  Getting rid of mold can be a hassle and our mold removal and remediation team is ready to help you.  Mold problems stems from moisture problems that are sometimes unseen.  This can be the case for mold removal in basements, mold removal in attics, mold removal in kitchens, mold removal in floors, and mold removal in walls.  Where ever the mold is rapidly growing, our mold experts detect where the root of your problem is.  Mold can cause health issues including allergic reactions, breathing problems, and sometimes prove fatal.

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Bio Clean 911 removes mold from every part of your home.  We will detect for moisture problems and find the source of your mold problem.  From remediation to reconstruction we can handle every part of the mold remediation St Louis process.


Mold Removal in Home         

Mold Removal in Basements

Mold Removal in Kitchens      

Mold Removal in Walls

Mold Removal in Drywall

Mold Removal in Floors

Mold Removal in Attics

Mold Removal in Bathroom

Mold Removal in Garage

Beware of Mold Exposure. Mold Can Spread Rapidly and Cause Serious Harm

Reactions to mold exposure can vary from person to person, but should not be taken lightly.  Mold produces allergens and potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins).  When inhaled or contacted, mold can cause a long list of symptoms.  Our #1 priority is you, we understand that a mold problem can cause serious damage to your property or health. Get help fast for any mold problems.  Let Bio Clean 911 provide you with reliable, honest, and professional mold removal service in St Louis.

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Complete Mold Removal From Every Part Of Your Home 

Bio Clean 911 mold removal team is here to properly help to handle dealing with your mold and moisture problems.  We have removed mold from every part of residential properties.  We can speed up the process and handle any insurance company claims and make sure you are 100% satisfied and mold free.

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