Mold Testing & Mold Inspections

Even if you are unsure if mold is present in your environment, but suspect there is mold infestion you should not risk any more time.  Bio Clean 911 will perform all needed mold test and inspections to pinpoint the source of the mold problem.  Our Certified Mold Technician is will use advanced mold testing techniques and equipment to test for air quality, moisture issues, and find hidden mold issues.  We will explain how the process and advise on the best process to handle the mold removal & remediation process.  As a courtesy we are offering a FREE MOLD EVALUATION!  Let’s us take care of from here.

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Our Step By Step Mold Evaluation & Mold Testing Process:

  • One of our Certified Mold Technicians will arrive on site in a discrete manner to provide you your FREE St Louis mold evaluation.

  • Upon completion of your FREE St. Louis Mold evaluation our Certified Mold Technician recommends any necessary testing based on the results.
  • If further St. Louis mold testing is necessary, in most cases, the Certified Mold Technician will immediately conduct your mold test.
  • Using a number of different Mold tests (Lift Tape Analysis, Complete Home Mold Test, and the Air Check Mold Test), our Certified Mold Technician will provide a comprehensive and detailed explanation of your Mold situation.
  • With the results of your Mold tests our Certified Mold Technician present you with a St. Louis Mold Remediation Plan specific to your needs.
  • Upon completion of your St. Louis Mold test a formal estimate will be prepared and fully explain by our Certified Mold Technician.
  • Finally, we schedule the St. Louis Mold Remediation Service based on your specific needs, schedule and availability.

Get A Free Mold Evaluation And Schedule A Thorough Mold Test & Mold Inspection Mold Can Spread Rapidly and Cause Serious Harm

Bio Clean 911 is your expert mold removal and remediation company in the St. Louis, Missouri region.  We are locally available 24/7!

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Residential & Commercial Mold Remediation Service 

Bio Clean 911 mold removal specialists handle mold testing and inspections for a wide variety of clients including residential and commercial.  Our mold removal teams respond fast and are ready to serve you.  If you are located in the St. Louis region then we respond even faster.  We believe in treating customers right and providing a honest service.  Contact our mold remediation team for expert advise.

Don’t Let The Mold Fester! Call Bio Clean 911 Today!

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