Dangers of Mold Exposure

Mold exposure is a very serious problem. Its presence compromises the health and well being of anyone who is exposed to it. If mold is not dealt with by a St. Louis mold removal professional in a timely manner it can have a profound negative impact on your health and life.  In most cases you may experience symptoms before the mold problem is discovered.  Even short term exposure to molds can result in several serious health problems.  Contact our Certified Mold Technicians at Bio Clean 911 to perform a detailed mold test & inspection.  Take advantage of our FREE MOLD EVALUATION!

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Call Immediately If You Are Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms:

Allergic Reactions

Sneezing & Coughing


Breathing Difficulties


Nasal Congestion

Respiratory Infections




Beware of Mold Exposure. Mold Can Spread Rapidly and Cause Serious Harm

Reactions to mold exposure can vary from person to person, but should be taken lightly.  Mold produces allergens and potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins).  When inhaled or contacted, mold can cause a long list of symptoms.  Our #1 priority is you, we understand that a mold problem can cause serious damage to your property or health. Get help fast for any mold problems.

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Protect Your Family & Property 

Bio Clean 911 mold removal team is here to answer any questions concerning proper St Louis Mold Removal and St. Louis Remediation procedures. Rescue your home or business today. Some health concerns may cause serious illness and weaken your immune system.

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