Meth Lab Cleanup & Biohazard Cleanup

Meth Lab Cleanup has exploded due to the epidemic in Missouri and quickly moving into the St Louis City and St Louis County.  We clean extremely dangerous crime scenes like Methamphetamine Labs (meth labs) and provide other clandestine drug lab decontamination services.  Bio Clean 911 has experience and knowledge when it comes to properly cleaning up toxic meth labs.  Even though Missouri has been cracking down on meth lab, these labs are still hidden in unsuspecting neighborhoods.  Bio Clean 911 has worked with local and state law enforcement to cleanup these dangerous meth lab sites. We follow specific guidelines and are one of the most trusted Meth Lab Cleanup services in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Jefferson County and Missouri.

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Bio Clean works with all public agencies and residential clients.

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Law Enforcement, Public Agencies, Institutions, Residents, and Many More.

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We are a trusted and certified biohazard company with strict safety protocols.

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Bio Clean 911 are fully certified with OSHA, EPA, dhss, and follow CDC guidelines.

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Bio Clean 911 works at the client discretion. Fast & Discreet!

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Some of these matters need to be discreet and confidential.  Trust us to take care of the problem discreetly and fast.

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Bio Clean 911 is ready to respond immediately if case of emergencies.  Call us directly and we can have our certified technicians on site as soon as possible.

Meth Lab Cleanup & Biohazard Cleanup Safely

Many of the contaminants present during meth’s cooking process can be dangerous if someone is exposed to them. These contaminants can cause illness including respiratory (breathing) problems, headaches, nausea, skin and eye irritation, and dizziness. Severe health problems including lung damage and burns to different parts of the body are possible if you come in contact with meth producing contaminants. Property owners need to exercise caution and contact a Meth Lab Cleanup company like Bio Clean 911.
Do not risk trying to clean up to meth labs on your own. The safest way to clean up a former meth lab is to hire Bio Clean 911, since we are trained in hazardous substance removal and cleanup. We are a certified biohazard removal company and have all the need equipment and protective gear to do a thorough job and return the property to a safe environment. Our meth lab clean up will remove all suspicious containers, absorbent materials, contaminated furniture, clean all surfaces, and test for any residual aftermath.
Once Bio Clean has established the severity of the meth lab contamination we will plan for full decontamination. We will perform the needed safety test to ensure the property is safe to occupy again. You safety is our #1 concern and we will not stop until you are 100% safe and satisfied. We will work with your insurance company if needed to provide a hassle free service.

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      • Fully Certified with Experience in Meth Lab Cleanups
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