Are you planning to buy a home in the St. Louis Metro Area?  Beware of what ALL you’re buying! St. Louis is known for having wet springs, and hot, humid summers.  These are perfect breeding grounds for mold.  The growth of mold thrives on moisture and heat.  Did you know mold can grow rampantly in as little as 24 hours?  Many times, mold is in a small area, and is easily covered up by paint.  This, however, does in no way kill the mold spores.  In fact, adding more moisture to the mold, or the slightest bit of warmth can set the growth off.

It is the real estate agents duty to disclose if the home has mold- but is their realtor a professional? Is it just dirt, or is it mold?  You are at the mercy of the sellers agent who’s duty it is to sell their home. They are not experts in the field of mold.  We suggest visiting the EPA’s site to educate yourselves, as well as contact Bio Clean 911 to have us provide a mold home inspection.  No visible mold? Feel confident the home you are thinking about buying is mold free. Contact us today for your air quality test.  Rest assured the air you will be breathing is free of high levels of mold!