Snowstorms during the past month in the upper Mississippi Valley have contributed to above median precipitation across Missouri and Illinois. Due to wetness during the past month and a relatively wet time of year, improvement is forecast for the upper Mississippi Valley. Prospects for improvement are highest across Wisconsin where drought levels are less intense and the seasonal outlook favors above median precipitation. This has significance for Missouri and Illinois as higher than average precipitation in the Upper Mississippi River Valley can cause flooding and ground saturation in the St. Louis Metro Area.  This can cause standing water in crawl spaces and basements, which, if left untreated, can cause mold growth within 48 hours.  We are called to homes where water leaked into a crawl space and went undetected for weeks.  The water saturated all insulation it came in contact with and was a breeding ground for mold. Colder than average temperatures can cause pipes to burst in a matter of hours which can lead to flooding and mold growth in the home if left untreated.  Because mold grows so quickly, it is important for a professional water restoration company to provide a thorough dry-out to avoid mold growth.

If your home is susceptible to mold growth due to water leaks, be sure to have a de-humidifier consistently running during the rainy season, as well as an air mover to dry any water that may enter the space.  If you’ve discovered the growth of mold, call us today for your free mold removal inspection and bid, or to schedule an air quality test.