How can I be certain if I have mold?

The only way to be certain you have mold is air quality testing.  We will take a sample outside of your home, and in the suspected area, and compare the two. If the inside level of mold greatly outnumbers the outside levels, you are living with mold.

Outdoors, mold aids in the decomposition of dead trees, compost and leaves.  The list of harmful effects to humans is endless.

What are some of the side effects of mold exposure?

Most commonly, upper respiratory problems, sneezing, wheezing, and tearing of the eyes. For individuals with compromised immune systems or allergies, Stachybotrys, commonly known as “black mold” can cause severe skin and eye irritation.

Can I clean the mold myself?

Often times, we will advise customers how to approach household mold cleaning on their own. In these instances, the mold growth is in a small area with no porous material.  However, if the mold growth is extreme and covering porous material such as drywall, we highly suggest hiring a professional such as Bio Clean 911.  Mold spores, once agitated, become airborne and can find their way into A/C ducts and land in other areas of their home. If moisture is introduced, they may then grow on a new surface.

Once the mold is remediated, how can I be certain it is 100% eliminated?

We provide post-remediation air sampling to ensure our work is 100% complete.  Alternately, we are happy to provide a third party testing company to ensure our work is properly done. Our work is not complete until the sample shows safe levels of mold (the same as the outdoor air count).